José Andrés Appears On Top Chef Tonight

Top Chef fans, get your Tivos tuned in.

DC's own José Andrés will appear as a guest judge on tonight's episode. The show, featuring the popular restaurant wars challenge, airs at 10 p.m. on Bravo.

"Like any television show, Top Chef is about entertaining the audience, but at a deeper level, it is so much more, especially for the chefs competing," Andrés said in a release. "It is not about winning for them. It is about pride and pushing themselves to the limit.”

Give 'em hell, José.

(Photo from joseandres.com.)


Erinn said...

I am enjoying Top Chef this season and Jose Andres should be an exceptionally fun guest judge. Perhaps there will be a Quick Fire of Tapas of some sort? Been reading your blog for awhile now and am really enjoying it, so thanks!

Amanda said...

Thanks, Erinn!

Anonymous said...

You could tell who got the boot because he had tears in his eyes during whole show's interviews!

AuntieB said...

I was really hoping for a DC shout-out, but (unless I missed it) they never even mentioned where Jose is from! Just mentioned his PBS show... Didn't even say his restaurants by name. Poo!