Rumor Mill No More: Ducasse To DC

The top chefs just keep on flocking to DC.

The Post's Tom Sietsema officially confirms one of the hottest foodie rumors to sweep through town this year. According to today's Dish, superstar French chef Alain Ducasse will open Adour at the newly revamped St. Regis this fall.

Ducasse, at left, opened the first Adour in Manhattan's St. Regis earlier this year.

In other celeb chef hotel news, Todd English is confirmed for a new restaurant in the recently opened Donovan House on Thomas Circle. The new hotel is part of stylish Thompson Hotels. Washingtonian has a rendering of the new restaurant space.

For more hotel restaurant gossip, check out this Metrocurean post from February (which now has a few blanks filled in).


Husband said...

This is another one of those good and bads. I think its great to get more quality dining. But at the same time, it feels a little bit like another out of towner putting there name on a place and running... Palmer, Ripert, Tourendel, Puck, English.... list is getting long.

Amanda said...

I think one of the big positives with the celeb chef trend is well-trained staff. These places are raising the bar for service in town.

Some of the newest places - The Source, Westend and BLT - have done a really good job with staff training. Early on, when a lot of restaurants are struggling with service issues, they all seemed to be going strong. I think there's a standardization of training when dealing with big restaurant groups like these.

Standardization of menus might be bad; but for service, it's great.

Anonymous said...

Your comment regarding well trained staff is certainly a plus. But, when you look at what he may be charging per plate I wonder if Washingtonians can swallow that!

Anonymous said...

Well, I won't be shelling out $83 for pea soup but I think it's good for DC on the whole. I mean, look at Vegas, not a homegrown chef in the town but it still has the rep. as a foodie destination, good chefs are flocking there.
Personally, I'm really looking forward to the new neighborhood places opeing.

Amanda said...

Anon - I completely agree. Adour is not the kind of place many people will dine multiple times, if at all, but it certainly raises the city's profile.

chef4cook said...

Yes Amanda it certainly does. I just hope that DC diners have enough interest to keep it going!