What Did I Miss?

Thanks to Blogger in draft's new feature that allows bloggers to schedule posts in the future ('bout time), I was able to stay blissfully away from my computer for two whole weeks during our island wedding and honeymoon, without you even knowing it.

So what did I miss?

Lots of openings, for starters. Corduroy reopened in its new rowhouse at 1122 9th St. NW, and Tackle Box is now open in Georgetown. From chef Richard Sandoval, the creator of Zengo, comes La Sandia in the Tysons Corner Center.

In hotel dining, the Ritz-Carlton Pentagon City welcomed Fyve, headed by Roberto Donna protégé Amy Brandwein, and Cure Bar and Bistro opened in the Grand Hyatt.

Check out more details on Metrocurean's updated Newly Opened list.

What else? Where have you been eating? What's been good? Talk to me.


Shaw Rez said...

Vegetate now serves brunch on Saturdays, expanded its hours (but nixed Sunday Supper), and celebrated the opening of a new art exhibit.

Welcome back and CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Catherine said...

Went to Cafe Trope over the weekend for the first time and loved the food. Everything my friends and I ordered was really good. A must have is the side of goat cheese, truffle oil mac n cheese, it was amazing.

Dave said...

Dave here from Punk's Backyard Grill. We signed a lease in Annapolis last week - so look for a mid-October opening. Congrats on the wedding!

Amanda said...

Thanks for the updates and congrats!

Anonymous said...

Pete's Apizza opened up in Tivoli square. I don't think I've seen anything on that yet -- reviews are good but have not tried it myself.

Anonymous said...

I went to the new Corduroy the second weekend they were open. They did a fabulous job with the space and it seems the upstairs lounge/bar will be an awesome place to hang out and grab a bite. My only complaint... it's too bright. They need to dim the lights some... felt sterile. I'm sure they will get that worked out. (cheese porcupine app, beet salad, asparagus salad, tuna entree, scallop entree, lamb entree... all were AMAZING!)