The Anti Wine Snob's Wine

Wine snobs can stop reading now.

A novel vino brand that debuted last year just hit the shelves in DC and Maryland. Aiming to make pairing wine with food at home less daunting, Wine That Loves takes five popular American foods and offers a wine that, well, loves each food.

The bottle names and simple graphics spell it out. The current line-up (above) includes Wine That Loves Roasted Chicken, Wine That Loves Pasta With Tomato Sauce, Wine That Loves Pizza, Wine That Loves Grilled Salmon, and Wine That Loves Grilled Steak. They sell for $12.99.

Noticeably absent from the labels are vintage, varietal and country — the point being simplicity, after all.

Varietals were recently added to the web site, but with a disclaimer from the wines' creator, Ralph Hersom, a former wine director for Le Cirque in New York City: "If you are familiar with the varietals in our wine, don’t necessarily expect our wine to taste the way wines from those varietals typically taste. But, do expect our wine to be great on its own and to work great with the dish it was designed for."

To find the wines in the area, check here.

So what do you think? Overly simple or simply brilliant?