Bring On The Fro-Yo Wars

The media, bloggers in particular, love them some frozen yogurt. And you know what they (we) love even more? Frozen yogurt wars. Combine that with the current probiotic craze, and we have the makings of a media yo-gasm.

And DC will stand on the sidelines of this big city fad no longer, because it looks like we're poised for our very own fro-yo fight.

TangySweet is now open in Dupont, and lives up to its name. The yogurt is, you guessed it, tangy and sweet. (Georgetown's SweetGreen is also peddling the tart stuff, but salad is their bread and butter.)

But what's that on the horizon? LA-export Pinkberry is supposedly on its way, and a Canadian fro-yo chain, Yogen Früz, plans to open 16 stores in the area.

TangySweet should have a hometown advantage since it's a locally owned, small business. And owner Aaron Gordon told DCist he may open a few more shops around town.

So what do you think? Bring it on? Or this trend's so already been broughten.

At least we'll have a new dinner party debate topic.