Colorado Kitchen Closing

When someone posted a link to an auction for Colorado Kitchen's goods on Chowhound Tuesday, it didn't bode well for the restaurant.

Washingtonian's Todd Kliman continued the breaking news flurry Wednesday with confirmation from Colorado Kitchen chef/owner Gillian Clark that the restaurant's days are numbered. (DonRockwell.com says June 29 is the final service.)

The restaurant's current building is reportedly slated for demolition.

That makes two restaurants down and one chef out so far this week. Here's hoping for better news next week.

Update: For more detail's on Clark's future restaurant plans, check out this Washington Post piece.


culocho said...

I just called and they said they are indeed closing, but that Sunday may not be the date. Uggg.

Anthony said...

Bad news comes in threes. I think this may be the end of it for a while.

At least there's word of her opening a new place in Silver Spring.

City Girl DC said...

Wow, I better get there fast! It's still on my "go to" list.

DC foodie said...

There's also going to be a new place in Takoma Park on Carroll Avenue. Both the "Avenue Oven" (in Takoma) and the "General Store" (in Forest Glen) are planned to open in the Fall/Winter, although you never know with restaurants.

Amanda said...

Thanks, dc foodie. And you're right about that last bit. I always tack 6 mos. onto restaurant opening estimates.