The Nom Nom Phenome(nom)

Caught onto the latest phrase infiltrating the lingo of the Internets?

Meet "om nom nom nom," more casually known as "nom nom nom." The turtle above would say this if he could speak.

If you're not hip to the nom nom phenomenon, the ever-credible Urban Dictionary defines the phrase as "an onomatopoeical adjective based on the sound emitted when something is 'oh so tasty' ... that one gnaws through it without regard to cleanliness or etiquette. This sort of ravenous eating will often result in an 'om nom nom nom' noise being emitted from the eater."

Cookie Monster is credited with coining the endearing sound, and it's catching on as an irreverent expression of epicurean enjoyment. Exhibit A: Serious Eats. Exhibit B: Obama nom noms. Across the pond, exhibit C: Londonist. Also seen in comments all over the blogosphere.

It's like an antidote to a certain TV celeb's sickeningly saccharine yum-o.

And however sophomoric, this meme's stuck in my head. Last night I ordered the brioche, prosciutto and egg sandwich at Cork, pierced the yolk and swirled the bread around preparing a perfect bite. Sure enough, an anticipatory "nom nom" escaped my lips.

Do you nom nom?


mary said...

Where is this photo from? It's completely terrifying!

Anonymous said...


have you checked out www.icanhascheeseburger.com?

they are all about the nom, noms. i think their lolcat builder helped spread the meme!


Anonymous said...


Amanda said...

Mary - the photo is from an email that's been going around.

Anon - I nearly went into the whole history of lolcat language and all but hey, I figure I only have your attention for a minute.

Also let it be noted that I ignored the application of nom nom on photos of inanimate objects eating things. Just don't find it that funny.

CLFoster said...

I don't nom nom. I'm a more obviously reactive eater -- eyes closed, stopping conversation to say "MMM, Wow. You have to try this." Most recently this verbal-pavlovian response occurred for Cork's chicken liver pate with shallot marmelade and Poste's chicken liver pate with bacon and deep fried sage.

If you'll recall, Lloyd Dobler (J. Cusack) in 'Say Anything' nom nom nom-ed.

The picture is adorable.

Jason said...

*sigh* LOLspeak makes me twitch. I haven't figured out what makes me more twitchy. LOLspeak (a la "icanhazcheezburger" or AIMspeak (a la "omgwtfbbq"!)

Heather said...

I too am a victim of the meme. Sigh.
I catch myself saying it often when playing with the kids. I have noticed I tend to pick up language patterns quickly. Although, I must admit Nom nom nom is much more fun than the verbal tic dude I developed while waitressing around surfers.

Amanda said...

Now I need to rent Say Anything to find the nom nom.

Heather - I cringe every time "dude" slips out of my mouth. I too am very impressionable. :D