Any Restaurants Doing Grilled Pizza?

Grilled pizzas have been popping up a lot of places, my grill included. (And no, the dough does not melt through the grates.) Which got me wondering if any DC-area restaurants are tossing pies on their grills?

DC's pizza renaissance has brought us plenty of delicious options — Comet, RedRocks and Pete's have joined standbys Pizzeria Paradiso, 2 Amys, Matchbox and Coppi's — but I can't think of a single one offering a grilled option.

Al Forno of Providence, Rhode Island, is credited with introducing grilled pies to the US, and it caught on in New York. This spring, Chicago chef Craig Priebe released an entire cookbook on the dish. His Gamberian pie is pictured at right.

Seen grilled pizza on any local menus?