Celeb-Worthy Ideas For Family Dining

Prompted by the newly expanded Jolie-Pitt family, Food & Wine asked some of their favorite critics and bloggers (including yours truly) for family friendly restaurants where a couple of movie stars could take their six-pack of kids.

Check out the recs here.

Where are your favorite spots to go with kids in tow?

(Photo: splashnews.com.)


Food Rockz Man said...

I can only hope that your recommendation that the Source would be a fine place to take children doesn't mean that many parents actually do take their children there . . . because I'm dining there for the first time this evening . . . and I'm not much in the mood to hang with kids!

Amanda said...

I said the lounge at the Source. If you're dining upstairs, should be pretty kid-free, although I did see a family with very well-behaved kids up there last trip. Hope you enjoy it!

Anthony said...

I'm surprised not to see 2Amy's on the list. The place is basically a day care that serves some of the best pies in the city.

Amanda said...

I love 2Amys pizza and small dishes, but I'm not a fan of the space. Comet seems much more "Brangelina" to me.