Metrocurean Hits Tales Of The Cocktail

It's been a weekend of fried pig's ears, moonshine and cocktails ... lots of cocktails ... as I've been drinking my way through New Orleans, where the sixth annual Tales of the Cocktail is being held.

Thursday night, I hit John Besh's Restaurant August with fellow DC blogger Counter Intelligence to taste through a multi-course menu paired with cocktails by EatBar's Gina Chersevani. Check this post at Counter Intelligence for the recipe to our favorite cocktail from the night.

DC's blossoming community of craft cocktail connoisseurs is well-represented in the Big Easy. Also mixing it up are Todd Thrasher (PX, Eve), Derek Brown (Komi), Chantal Tseng (Tabard Inn), Adam Bernbach (Bar Pilar) and John Hogan of BarMargic.