CommonWealth Opens Wednesday

Chef Jamie Leeds and operating partner Sandy Lewis plan to open their Brit-inspired gastropub CommonWealth tomorrow in the Highland Park building at 1400 Irving St. NW.

They'll start with dinner and add lunch and brunch later in the month.

I'm looking forward to the weekly “Sunday Roast” — an afternoon supper, featuring a selection of roasted meats like lamb and rabbit, purchased locally when possible, with accompanying sides served family style. The meal will range in price from $17 to $23 per person for the entire table and will be offered from 1 p.m. until closing on Sundays.

Read more details from this earlier Metrocurean report here. Washingtonian has the photos.

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Anonymous said...

I like that you write "locally if possible" If they are committing to local fare, then they should stick to it and not serve a particular roast if they cannot source it locally. Is that why they decided not to specify farms on the menu and just thank them as a whole? Does this mean that theoretically, I could be eating a "grass-fed" burger that is not local on a given day?
And why is the majority of the beer and wine from so far away? That is so local and sustainable of them. Please. At this point, a place charging as much as they do should be expected to serve local fare and they should not even be advertising it as something great and noble. It should be a given at least since they are not going local with everything. Irritates me that they sell that when they are not even 100% committed to it. UGH.