Cool Foodie iPhone Apps

I'm not on the iPhone bandwagon yet, preferring my cell phone to be as small as possible and do little more than, well, make phone calls. But luckily, plenty of people around me are all too eager to show off their new iPhone apps. And when it comes to finding a restaurant, let's just say I kinda wish I had an iPhone.

I love UrbanSpoon's slot machine-esque restaurant application, above. Give the phone a shake, and using GPS, the app finds restaurants nearby. You can lock in neighborhoods, price points and cuisine types. Click here for a demo. Download here or from your phone. also recently launched an iPhone app, at right, that puts the site's City Guide contents at your fingertips. You can pull up Tom Sietsema's reviews, phone numbers, addresses, directions and more. Very handy. Get it here.

Not as handy would be my husband's favorite: the virtual pint of Carling beer.

Have a favorite iPhone food app?

(Images from and, respectively.)