Current Obsession: Vegetate's Vegan Risotto

During a recent week of eating vegetarian, I went to Vegetate with friends for a meat-less meal and stumbled on one of the most surprising dishes I've had in a while: a rich and hearty risotto that was completely vegan. I was completely mystified.

I could've sworn a stick of butter and a cup of cheese had gone into the bowl, so I stopped owner Dominic Redd (aka DJ Dredd) on our way out to ask how they make the risotto so damn good.

Redd said they worked on the recipe for a while to get it just right. The secrets behind the deceptively decadent flavor are a stock fortified with miso that's been clarified and cashew cream. The dish features seasonal vegetables — cauliflower and peas when I had it — and is embellished with truffle oil.

To note, Vegetate is offering an unofficial Restaurant Week menu: three courses for $25 through Saturday.