Summer Restaurant Death Reel

I'm not sure what happened to M'Dawg Haute Dogs, but as I passed by the papered windows yesterday, I thought it might be nice to remember those restaurants that left us this summer. Cue the music:

Butterfield 9
Colorado Kitchen
Curry Club
Gerard Pangaud Bistro
Restaurant K
San Marco*

* Meridian is now Brightwood Bistro (5832 Georgia Ave. NW). Merkado will close Aug. 24 and is expected to reopen as Commissary, from the same owners, Sept. 9. More details here. The San Marco space at 2305 18th St. NW is slated to become Himalayan Heritage, serving Nepalese and Indian food.

Did I miss one that you were sad to see go?


iEatDC said...

It's not exactly a "restaurant" but La Prima in 2000 Penn, also known as "Not ABP" to everyone at GW. Replaced by Wasabi, which should appease the crowd of totally surprised students as they start showing up next week.

givememomos said...

I hope Himalayan Heritage plans to have veggie momos (round steamed dumplings). We could use some good momos in this area. Mmmmmmomos.

Anonymous said...

Have to say I'm happy to trade Merkado for a coffee hangout.

Erik said...

Well..seems my prediction about M'DAWG came true.

It was a good idea (similar to HOT DOUG's of Chicago which is THE BEST)...but alas...you can't charge 10$ for a hot dog...I don't care if its supposedly KOBE BEEF.

But is it closed or are they remodeling/revamping the menu?

Dan said...

When did Montsouris close? I only went there once, but remember having a great meal there. I was planning on going back so I'm sad to hear it's gone.

Chris in Eckington said...

My understanding is that M'Dawg was the victim of a conflict between the operators and its financial backers. The backers weren't so much interested in the concept (high end hot dogs) than they were with making money. Once the original operators (folks that came from Amsterdam Falafel) pulled out, the place went rapidly down hill.

Anonymous said...

I just read on another forum that Red Sage closed, too.

The Truth Hurts (TTH) - Restaurant Manager said...

"Anonymous said...
I just read on another forum that Red Sage closed, too."

You're an idiot, they closed 2 years ago.

anita-in-dc said...

Montsouris is closed?! I just went by there last week and saw it was closed and called the phone number today - disconnected. And then went to check metrocurean. The kobe beef steak frites were amazing for $20. And I loved that many of the hosts and waiters have remained constant. I am so upset.