Almost Time For An Oyster Roast

Rappahannock oysters, hot off the grill, on a chilly January night

Today's story in The Washington Post on Rappahannock oysters has me in the mood for an oyster roast.

The story's author, Melissa McCart, introduced me to Rappahannock River Oysters last year with an oyster gift certificate — a great foodie gift idea. I ordered 250 oysters, and they were shipped right to my front door, alive, well and ready to be roasted.

Growing up in North Carolina, I lived for big winter oyster roasts. Guests huddle around a hot grill, cold beers in hand, and wait for the next batch of shellfish to pop open. As a toddler, I allegedly chowed down on those little crabs that live inside oysters, though I can't say I remember.

This past January, I threw my first DC roast in the backyard (above), featuring the Rappahannock oysters. We ate a bunch raw, and tossed the rest on the grill.

Never roasted oysters? It couldn't be easier. Just place the whole oysters on the grate of a hot grill, close the lid for about five minutes, and then peek to see if they've opened. For extra steam and flavor, you can soak a burlap bag in a bucket of water with fragrant wood chips and drape it over the oysters on the grill. Pull them off shortly after they open so they don't dry out. Get a good oyster glove to shuck them, and serve with cocktail sauce, lemon wedges and plenty of beer.


Shaw Rez said...

I ADORE roasting/roasted oysters. I fondly recall cooking them on a large roaster on chilly autumn days in chapel hill while in college.

Anonymous said...

Roasted oysters? I've never tried them like that, but it sounds delicious. We're big fans of the freshly-shucked variety (especially the Raspberry Points at Johnny's).

Can you tell us a bit more about the oyster gift certificates - where to get them, etc? I've got some friends who would probably LOVE something like that.

Oyster Riot can't come soon enough!

Amanda said...

On this link says: Call 804.204.1709 about gift certificates.

Will said...

I wonder how the Rappahannock River Oysters compare to Bull's Bay Oysters we harvest just north of Charleston, SC? Are they salty? I'll have to give them a try; they look delicious.