Organic Grocer Set For Columbia Heights

Ellwood Thompson's Local Market, a Richmond-based organic grocery store, has officially announced that it will open in the DC USA development at 14th and Irving streets in Columbia Heights.

The store wins big points in Metrocurean's book for emphasizing local products found within a 100-mile radius. Look for it to open next year in the fall or winter.

Meanwhile, take a look inside the Richmond store in the following video:

Ellwood Thompson's At A Glance from Ellwood Thompson's on Vimeo


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Ramona said...

I loved, loved Ellwood Thompson in Richmond when I lived there. It has a more...well...crunchy/granola-local and organic feel. The "to go" foods were varied and delicious and I enjoyed grabbing a quick lunch there. Vegans and vegetarians will like it too.
Now, I wonder whether they will offer "Billy Bread" there ;-)I miss it so...