Brightest Storefront Ever?

The forthcoming Georgetown outpost of frozen yogurt shop IceBerry (3001 M St. NW) is sporting an eye-catching coat of paint. Kind of nice on a dreary day like today.

And in case you're keeping track, the once fro-yo barren District now offers a plethora of choices including locally-owned spots TangySweet (with a second location headed to Penn Quarter), Mr. Yogato, and salad-focused SweetGreen (with a second location planned for Bethesda).

Canadian chain Yogen Fruz, sampled by President Bush, is planning multiple DC and Virginia locations. Cali Yogurt is setting up in Adams Morgan, and Pinkberry was supposed to arrive this year, but no official word yet.


LiLu said...

I used to live right next to the TangySweet! Is there anything in Chinatown that you know of?

Amanda said...

TangySweet is supposed to open in PQ/Chinatown very soon.

Anonymous said...

You forgot the yogi berry opening up in cleveland park. http://yogiberry.com/Site/Location-681.html

Luke said...

There is also another Yogurt place that just open in Adams Morgan, OYeah! Yogurt. They serve forzen yogurt, but they also serve fresh plain yogurt which they make every night. You can top your yogurt with fresh fruit and dried honey. It is really tasty and a nice alternative. It is just down the block from Cashon's on Columbia.

Amanda said...

The trend is even bigger than I knew! I like the idea of the fresh yogurt. There's a whole place in Palo Alto dedicated to it: