HomeMade Pizza Co. Opens

Bake your own pizza from the new HomeMade Pizza Company

There's another Chicago transplant moving to town, but this one deals in pizza, not politics.

The HomeMade Pizza Company, a Chicago-based chain, just opened at 4857 Massachusetts Ave. NW in the Spring Valley neighborhood. What sets this pie place apart is that the pizzas are made fresh to order, boxed up uncooked, and then baked at home. Sounds like a good option for nights when frozen pizza won't cut it and making your own pizza from scratch is more than you care to bite off.

Toppings include meats like southwestern chicken sausage, prosciutto and pancetta, cheeses like chevre and asiago, fresh herbs, caramelized onions and more. Wheat crusts are also available.

Delivery will start in a few weeks. A second location is slated to open in Herndon in December at 13300 Franklin Farms Rd.


Mike said...

Any word on delivery area? Seems unlikely that they'd be willing to head all the way down to Capitol Hill.

Amanda said...

Waiting to hear back. I'll let you know, but I imagine you're prob right about Capitol Hill. (But you'll have Matchbox soon!)

Anonymous said...

Too bad the "all natural" pizza company uses Sweet Baby Ray's high fructose corn Sauce and Tyson frozen chicken. More exploitation of people wanting to be more health conscious for profit!