Market Bounty: Smith Meadows Fresh Pasta

Smith Meadows' oat and winter-wheat fresh pasta, available at the Dupont FreshFarm Market

Just because it's freezing outside doesn't mean you can't find great products at farmers markets that are worth bundling up for.

Case in point, Smith Meadows' fresh pasta made with the farm's own eggs from free-range chickens. I picked up the oat and winter-wheat pasta ($5) last Sunday at the Dupont FreshFarm Market, which operates year-round.

For a quick lunch, I topped the pasta with sauteed collards and a sauce of garlic, cream, butter and a little tomato paste. The pasta has a great texture and a hearty flavor.

Smith Meadows also makes ravioli in flavors like blue cheese pecan, sweet potato and apple cheddar. The selection at the market changes each week. I'll be back for seconds of the oat pasta and a taste of the ravioli.


solarmagneticdynamo said...

Looks like they sell at a few other area farmer's markets too, which is good for me, 'cause Dupont is a hike.


Jonathan Trenn said...

I've bought their pasta and meats at the Del Ray Farmer's Market in Alexandria. That was a few years ago. Never disappointed.

Glad to see that they've established themselves.

Finjo said...

Their blue cheese and walnut ravioli is fantastic - and they freeze well if for some reason you don't devour them within the week.

Brandie said...

Their raviolis are define. Just picked up the blue cheese and pecan one this morning in Dupont and can't wait to try it!

Amanda said...

I got the bacon and sage ravioli today. Mmm.