Put An Egg On It

An egg-topped pizza from Bon Appétit
Photo by Misha Gravenor for Bon Appétit

As 2008 wraps up, the foodie trend prognosticators are at it again. Among the forecasts (rustic and comfort food are dominating buzz words), Bon Appétit calls out anything with an egg on top as a hot new trend.

I love runny egg yolk, so I'm all about this movement. And lucky for me and any other yolk lovers out there, DC has plenty of places to stick a fork into the fad.

Bar Pilar recently added a dish that layers toasted bread with a sunny side up egg and glistening pearls of salmon roe, which add a nice burst of brininess.

In one of my favorite dishes at Cork, an egg is stacked atop the pan-crisped brioche sandwich with Fontina and prosciutto.

Mandu's bibim bap offers a fried egg over a bowl of rice, vegetables and beef. Order the dolsot version, in a sizzling hot stone bowl.

I love Brasserie Beck's version of the classic frisée salad, where the yolk of a poached egg enriches the sherry vinaigrette.

Have a favorite egg-topped dish? Do share.