PS 7's Snags Gina Chersevani, Leon Baker

Chef Peter Smith's Penn Quarter restaurant PS 7's announced two big hires today: mixologist Gina Chersevani and pastry chef Leon Baker.

Chersevani has gained national recognition for her cocktail creations and developed a local following during her time behind the bar at Rasika and most recently Arlington's EatBar. Her move to Virginia a year ago caused quite a stir with fans.

Baker has collaborated with chef Morou Ouattara at Farrah Olivia and Signatures and appeared on "Iron Chef America" with him. Baker first worked with Smith at Vidalia.


Anonymous said...

Am I missing something about PS 7's? I went once and was really unimpressed. Seems like the bar menu (mini-hot dogs and such) is better than the dinner menu.

Crash said...

Yes, anonymous, you are missing something. Just wait until Gina and Leon are hitting on all cylinders (give 'em two weeks to get settled) You should walk away more impressed.

But Peter Smith is no slouch. He's as hard a working chef/owner as there is in this city. Wait until after the Inauguration and go back for another visit.

lou576 said...

Brilliant news to have Gina back in the city and with a smart, savvy independent team!!!! The former combination of a nationally-renowned, brilliantly creative bartender with a suburban atmosphere that was hard/expensive to travel to (coughPXcough) was a hazardous error from the beginning. I'm glad everyone saw the light.
PS7 is a good restaurant with a huge bar space. Gina is just the spice that bar needs to gin up the business Peter deserves.

mjf in dc said...

I am not trying to badmouth anyone, but all I have seen with Gina is a lot of attitude. She's a bartender for goodness sake, not the first lady!! A few years ago I was at the bar at Rasika waiting for our table. My dining partner, religiously observant (so no alcohol), asked for a coke, and her response was to roll her eyes and sigh. I then was talking out loud about how it's tricky to match wine with Indian food. I finally ordered, and again, so much attitude.