Five Bites On Friday

For this spring-like day, Arlington resident and food lover Adam Levine, at right, offers his list of Five Bites.

1. Mexican roll at Tono Sushi

2. Fiery chicken kraprao at Bangkok 54

3. Mac and cheese with hot sauce at Whitlow's on Wilson

4. Lomo saltado with a frozen swirl margarita at Lauriol Plaza

5. Crab tower at Clyde's of Georgetown

Five Bites is a place for Metrocurean readers to share all the delicious things they've been eating and drinking. E-mail five of your favorites and whether you'd like your name and a picture included to metrocurean AT gmail DOT com.


Anonymous said...

wow, another hottie. nice!

Lauren said...

ow ow Adam!

Anonymous said...

lauriol plaza?? c`mon

Adam said...

true, the crowds suck and the mexican food is subpar, but that dish is really somethin else. and the green sauce that comes with it is awesome.

Amanda said...

And I do love their salsa.

Anonymous said...

I like Lauriol... no, I love Lauriol. Some people are just haters because it's popular and they can't understand why. It's fun and tasty tex-mex, that's why.

Brett said...

Whats up lasagna!