Get Ready For Chef Five Bites!

Next week, Metrocurean is pleased to kick off a very exciting new feature. Drumroll, please ... Chef Five Bites!

For nearly three years, you wonderful readers have sent in lists each week of five fabulous dishes and drinks you've had around town. Starting next week, you'll also get the inside scoop on where top local chefs eat in their off-hours, from fine dining to fast food. Where does Michel Richard eat ramen? And which mussels make many chefs' lists? You'll find out.

Check back next week when I'll post a list from a chef each and every day to help get things going. Then, every Friday for the next few months, you can look for Metrocurean's regularly scheduled reader Five Bites, followed by a chef's Five Bites posted at noon.

Get excited, people. This is big.