Product Watch: Cava Mezze Hummus

Cava Mezze's spicy hummus

It's always nice to see a locally produced food hit the big time — or the big grocery stores. Cava Mezze, a Greek restaurant in Rockville and soon on Capitol Hill, recently launched a line of hummus and dips that you can find in eight area Whole Foods.

The products, handcrafted in small batches, include harissa, white bean salad, eggplant and roasted red pepper dip, tzatziki, feta and hummus. I'm a big fan of the thick spicy hummus — the kick comes from the addition of harissa.

Have a favorite local food? Let us all know.


Anonymous said...

I bought this hummus at Whole Foods a few weeks ago -- it is SO much better than the other hummus they sell. Glad to see it is a local company too!

monkeyrotica said...

Always keep a box of Fantastic Foods hummus on the shelf. Comes in real handy and you can doctor it up with a little hot sauce and lemon juice.

Nancy Bjork said...

The harissa is also amazing!