Savory Style: Spring Green

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Metrocurean's getting a little infusion of style. Savory Style is a new occasional weekend feature highlighting cool products for your kitchen, tabletop and home. (I was going to call it "Stuff I Like" but it sounded a little self-serving.) This inaugural Savory Style post rounds up some chic green items to get you thinking spring.

1. Buttercup wine glass in green, Anthropologie, $16
Steel wire picnic basket, Crate and Barrel, $19.95
3. Jadite cake stand (similar to shown),
Reincarnations, starting at $49
OXO salad spinner, Williams-Sonoma, $30
Grass vase, Clio, starting at $39


Anonymous said...

Love this new column idea! That Jadite cake stand has my name all over it (it's mine I tell you). Can not wait for the next post ~~ Nyc

Amanda said...

I think it even comes with a cute little glass dome ... Glad you like the new feature!

Anonymous said...

Why not publicize local businesses selling these items...instead of Crate and Barrel, William Sonoma, Anthropoligy... why not look to Home Rule? Hill's Kitchen? Amano? and all of our other local businesses who could use the shout out? Especially in this economy they really need us!!

Amanda said...

I was waiting for that comment, anon #2. And yes, I was a wee bit lazy on this one, though I do have Reincarnations listed. Want to be my roving shopping reporter at least a few hours a week? ; )

But seriously, I will do my best to plug as many local businesses as possible.

elizva said...

Isn't this whole blog pretty much supporting local restaurants and charities? I only live in DC part of the year so I actually like knowing where to get the stuff. I'll cut you some slack.

Rachel said...

I love this column, too!
And I completely understand Amanda's conundrum (I always think of Tim Gunn when I use that word). It's difficult to highlight local businesses for this type of feature because SO FEW have quality photographs online/available. It would take, as Amanda suggests, hours to get to all of the stores, ID the product, borrow the item to have it professionally photographed. She could use snapshots, but they aren't appealing, trust me.

Amanda said...

Thanks, Rachel. You pretty much hit the nail on the head. The former graphic designer in me likes purty pics and snapshots won't do. Hoping I'll be able to find products at local stores that are also sold online so I can grab nice photos.