Wednesday's Delicious Deal: Matchbox

Fans of Matchbox know what "3.6.9" refers to — the addictive and juicy mini burgers, served in orders of three, six and nine. The numbers adorn Matchbox t-shirts and even the company truck, pictured above.

And because this Friday is 3/6/09, Matchbox is honoring the numerically significant day by slashing prices on their mini burger batches from $8/$14/$18 to ... $3/$6/$9. That's a buck apiece if you're keeping track. Friday only ...

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Erin said...

Those burgers are so good! I will definitely be stopping by!

chef4cook said...

Good marketing!

Anonymous said...

Those sliders are world class

monkeyrotica said...

Matchbox are great for the brioche-ey sliders. I just wish DC still had some Little Taverns where you could get REAL sliders. Would it kill them to open a Krystal or a White Castle in DC?

Amanda said...

Being someone who has never actually had the privilege of trying a White Castle slider (growing up in Castle-less NC), does the bread get all smushy? I have to say that's the one thing I like about fast food burgers - when the cheese and bread and everything fuses together...

Anonymous said...

I had a bad experience with White Castle in NYC. Well, not bad, just the "Now I've done it, no need to come back feeling". Buns were kinda mushy. On the plus side, I watched as they had some quality control. A badly mangled slider was dumped into the trash and replaced with a fresh one.

monkeyrotica said...

Is the 8th Street Matchbox open for lunch during the week yet?