Chef Five Bites: David Guas

It's day three of Chef Five Bites, and one of DC's top pastry pros weighs in with his favorites. David Guas, at right, is the chef and owner of DamGoodSweet Consulting and a New Orleans native. Check out some of his delicious recipes here.

1. Sit at the bar at Restaurant Eve and order anything, it doesn't matter! Great service, wine and the food is top notch.

2. A burger made from house-ground skirt steak for lunch at The Liberty Tavern

3. Duck glazed with cane syrup and pepper jelly with collards and dirty rice — Sends me right back home! — at Acadiana

4. Salads and anything I order for dinner, like the hanger steak with frites, at Leopold's Kafe

5. Hands down the best mussels and beer selection in the entire city at Brasserie Beck

For this inaugural week of Chef Five Bites, Metrocurean is bringing you a chef's list each and every day. Then, every Friday for the next few months, you can look for Metrocurean's regularly scheduled reader Five Bites, followed by a chef's Five Bites posted at noon.

Five Bites is a place for Metrocurean readers — and now DC's top chefs — to share all the delicious things they've been eating and drinking. E-mail five of your favorites and whether you'd like your name and a picture included to metrocurean AT gmail DOT com.