Five Bites On Friday

Today's Five Bites come all the way from Los Angeles, where Wen Ladringan still holds a candle for the DC dining scene and blogs at Floatin' An Air Biscuit. He was born and raised in the DC area, and he says, "Every time I go home I have to be sure to try and indulge in at least one of my favorites."

1. Curry and apple steamed mussels with Belgian frites at Brasserie Beck

2. Mamak Mee Goreng at Malaysia Kopitiam

3. Montado de salmon y queso fresco at La Tasca

4. Washington Apple with Maker's Mark at Maté

5. French Market beignets at Acadiana

Five Bites is a place for Metrocurean readers — and now DC's top chefs — to share all the delicious things they've been eating and drinking. E-mail five of your favorites and whether you'd like your name and a picture included to metrocurean AT gmail DOT com.

Stay tuned at noon for Five Bites from The Majestic's executive chef Shannon Overmiller.