Turning Water Into Wine's Perfect Partner?

Nordaq markets its water as a better match for wine
Nordaq photo

Proving the lengths we foodies will go to to enhance our epicurean experience, a filtered water that sells itself as a better sidekick for wine will make its DC debut next week.

"Acidic and harsh, or a good wine? It depends on the water." That's the claim from Nordaq Fresh, a Swedish water filtration system that removes potential wine-wrecking flavors like clay, chalk and chlorine and leaves behind salts and minerals. The company reports that leading chefs and sommeliers say the water enhances the food and wine experience.

Proof will join restaurants like The French Laundry and Le Bernardin in offering Nordaq Fresh, which, if the claims are true, makes sense with its wine focus. And because the water is filtered on site and served in reusable bottles, there's an environmental benefit, too.

Do you think you'll be able to tell the difference if your wine is paired with Nordaq Fresh instead of DC's own premium leaded version?


Anonymous said...

"Proving the lengths we foodies will go to to enhance our epicurean experience"

So true! I'm simultaneously fascinated and horrified by this story!

Amanda said...

I was going to mention the choices of salts, butters and bubble size for you sparkling water that you see at fine dining spots ... but that's another post!

Anonymous said...

Next it will be bottled Air to improve your wine experience.