The Winner Of Modern Spice Is ...

A huge thank you to everyone who entered to win a copy of local food writer Monica Bhide's great new Indian cookbook "Modern Spice," which is officially released today. Nearly 50 of you praised the glories of your favorite seasonings from salt and garlic to cumin, turmeric, cinnamon and cilantro.

Monica says it was tough to choose a winner, but Eva won her over with this comment:
Whenever my aunt visits from Syria, she brings with her a giant bag of Aleppo pepper and even more crushed dried mint leaves. Both are my go-to spices for just about anything. Friends rave about my salad dressing, which is a simple combination of olive oil, red wine vinegar, and a sprinkling of the mint and paper, with a quick squirt of lemon juice. It's very basic, but very flavorful and I soak it up in my nightly salad. Plus, it's my mom's signature dressing -- the best type of comfort there is.
Congrats to Eva! Please send a mailing address to metrocurean At gmail Dot com and your book will be on its way.

For everyone else, you can snag the book on Amazon.