A 9:30 Club Cupcake? Oh, Yeah, Even If You Have To Scalp It

Behold, the sinfully decadent 9:30 Club cupcake.
Metrocurean photos

It was a year in the making but oh, was it worth it.

After working with Buzz pastry chef Josh Short since about a year ago to create just the right recipe, the 9:30 Club will unveil a signature cupcake this weekend, appropriately enough during two sold-out Cake shows. (All concert-goers will get a cupcake coupon to use then or before Aug. 31.)

One of these sweet treats just showed up at my door, and holy chocolate — it's moist devil's food cake filled with vanilla buttercream, topped with chocolate frosting ... but wait there's more, and then dipped in chocolate ganache and adorned with the 9:30 logo.

"Our goal was nothing short of becoming famous for cupcakes and, oh yes, you can see a band while you eat one,” said 9:30 Club owner Seth Hurwitz in a release.

After this weekend's giveaway, the cupcakes will be available for purchase at the 9:30 Club's coffee bar and food area. You can also get 'em at Buzz in Alexandria, starting next month.

“As we will never sell day-olds, we have to under-order every show," Hurwitz says. "We expect this will create a secondary cupcake market for scalpers."

That's right, folks. Cupcake scalpers.