Chef Five Bites: Anthony Chittum

Anthony Chittum, executive chef at Vermilion, offers up today's Chef Five Bites. The Maryland native worked as chef Todd Gray's chef de cuisine at Equinox before taking over the kitchen at Notti Bianche and then Vermilion. He's now a Rising Star Chef of the Year nominee for the Rammys and a leading proponent of seasonal and local cuisine. This summer, he'll cook for two big farm dinners; find details here.

1. Dragon roll at Momo Sushi

2. Chiangmai chili pork at Duangrat's

3. Lobster roll at Hank's Oyster Bar in Old Town

4. Ginger salad at Spices

5. Nathan Anda's Red Apron Butchery hot dog ... "Chicago style"

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