Savory Style: Kids In The Kitchen

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To wrap up Kids Week here on Metrocurean, Savory Style rounds up some darn cute kitchen tools for budding cooks. Plus, you can teach the kids a new word: anthropomorphism.

1. This serrated dog knife, complete with wagging tail, is sized for small hands. The blade is sharp enough to cut soft foods but not hurt little fingers. Kuhn Rikon kinderkitchen dog knives, Sur la Table, $9.95

2. Cute and eco-friendly, these reusable bamboo utensils bring out your kid's inner BamBam. Bambu Bamdino utensils, Hill's Kitchen (713 D St. SE), $8.99

3. Ice cream sandwiches just got even cooler with these animal-shaped molds. Tovolo ice cream molds, Hill's Kitchen (713 D St. SE), around $15

4. As they say ... monkey see, monkey do. Animal House monkey peeler, Home Rule (1807 14th St. NW), $8.99

5. This little army "staring" back at me kinda makes me want to get cooking. Head Chefs utensils, cheftools.com, $9.95 apiece

Savory Style is an occasional weekend feature highlighting great style and cool products for your kitchen, tabletop and home.


Sara Williams said...

Are these things for kids, or for me?? ;-) Love the ideas. Was a great week full of great information!

Washington Cube said...

I am not big on cute tools for kids. Teach them early on how to use the real thing. You can often find minatures of the real deal for smaller hands.

As for children in adult restaurants? I don't want to be there. I don't care how well behaved they are.

A said...

My sister loves to play cook with her kidkraft kitchen when she was younger.