Cork & Fork Coming To 14th Street

Cork & Fork is planning a third location at the corner of 14th and Church streets.

Ok, folks. Hold onto your wine glasses because this may get a little confusing.

Metrocurean broke the news back in May that the owners of Cork Wine Bar will open Cork Market this fall just up 14th Street from their restaurant.

But there's more cork to go around on 14th Street (maybe it'll become an oenophile destination?) with the latest development: the owners of Cork & Fork, a wine shop with locations in Gainesville, Va., and Bethesda, are planning to open a third store at 14th and Church streets, just a few blocks south of Cork Wine Bar.

Owner Anna Landragin tells Metrocurean that they hope to open in December.

"The difference between us and the other stores is that we are winemakers," she says. "We come from generations of winemakers." Her husband, Dominique, was a Champagne maker, and the pair founded Yellowglen in Australia, producing sparkling wine in the methode champenoise.

The shop will be similar to the other two locations. Prices on Cork & Fork's wines at the Bethesda store range from $8.99 on up to $125. And Landragin is fond of carrying small production labels. "I am concentrating now on people who don’t make more than 300 cases."