Metrocurean Twee-dux

Not following Metrocurean on Twitter? Unimaginable! But, really, I understand. So here's a look at all the juicy bits you may have missed, in all their authentic Twitter-speak, weirdly abbreviated, 140-character glory:
Baltimore's Dangerously Delicious Pies is setting up shop on H St. NE, says @brightestyoung:

RT @pqliving Carmines of NYC coming to the Penn Quarter? Yes (in 2010)!

RT @timcarman No chef? No problem! Owner expects to open Birch & Barley in Sept, with showcase space for kegs, bottles.

Ran into Barton outside his new seafood spot, Diamond District Seafood Co. Space is gutted down to the old bones and deceptively large.

Was that the best octopus ever in front of me at Proof last night? Brined, poached before finishing makes it tender as chicken. But better.

Michelle Obama, girls, Michelle's mom ate at Majestic tonight. Chef Shannon Overmiller cooked dinner while Cathal expedited the food.

Afternoon drinking, anyone? Cork opens at 2pm for Dog Days Sat & Sun or hit future Cork Market (1805 14th) for lemonade.

So, yay or nay on the Metrocurean Twee-dux? If you like the recap, let me know and I'll keep it going. If not, feel free to tell me how lame it is.

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