Wednesday's Delicious Deal: St. Regis Bar

The St. Regis bar

There's a particularly hot hotel bar snagging the spotlight right now, but one of my other favorites is the plush purple and black bar in the St. Regis.

An affordable way to try it out? Head to the bar on Mondays from 4 to 11 p.m., when for $19 per person you can score a charcuterie and cheese board with a glass of red or white wine. The board features mature cheeses, three types of charcuterie from Fra' Mani in California, and a glass of red or white wine selected by Adour wine director Ramon Narvaez.

Click here for more deals, and always call to confirm continuing availability.


Amy said...

Oh, cool, is this a new thing? It's a great bar that's really close to my office. Unfortunately it's been a little too $$ to add to my regular rotation of happy hr/post work bars.

Amanda said...

The info landed in my inbox last week, so yes, I'm guessing it's a new promo. And a pretty good deal considering a glass of wine could easily run to $16 alone regularly.