Metrocurean Twee-dux

Chef Morou Ouattara tweeted that the site for his soon-to-open restaurant Kora, pictured above, is now live.
photo from korarestaurant.com

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RT @goingoutgurus Nicaro Reopens: Same Name, Very Different Place: http://bit.ly/ENzCK

I'm pro deep frying at home and I'm definitely making this soon: RT @nytimesdining Bitten: Frying Squid http://bit.ly/9RZPj

Yay! RT @nytimesfood Oysters Are on the Rebound in the Chesapeake Bay: http://bit.ly/x83tj

Clinton Terry of PX took the judge's rickey award at Bourbon tonight for a delicious twist w ginger beer, opal basil, lemon bitters.

Jill Zimorski of Cafe Atlantico won the people's choice for a refreshing rickey featuring jicama-lime soda, strawberry water and gin.

RT @TopShelfWBJ: Carmine's confirmed. Shooting for Feb. 2010. Story up in a few. [Story here.]

Kora's Italian menu looks delicious and huge! RT @Morou www.korarestaurant.com went live this morning. please check it out.


Anonymous said...

It's a nice website, but what's this "private dinning" concept they're offering? Is that some sort of meal involving large cymbal crashes and other constant loud noises throughout the meal?

Amanda said...

I know, it's a typo I see all too often. Let's cut them some slack since the site just went up. =)