Wednesday's Delicious Deal: The Source

The Source is dishing out quite possibly the best Asian food in the city, and while the prices can't compare to your neighborhood delivery joint, the restaurant's new Chinese banquet-style menu is a steal in the world of fine dining.

The menu, priced at $45 per person, features nine courses — four appetizers, four entrĂ©es and dessert — all served family style. And the lucky number nine (following the Chinese banquet tradition of serving a lucky number of dishes) is really just a baseline. Don't be surprised if you get to taste a few more dishes on top of that.

At a media tasting last night, chef Scott Drewno served up a decadent spread that included stir-fried lamb in lettuce cups (I'm making these next time I entertain), scallop and shrimp sui mai with lobster-uni emulsion, Singapore-style street noodles with beef short ribs, chow fun noodles, whole fried sea bass and more.

I loved the variety of flavors, platter after platter, bowl after bowl, that we got to sample with a family-style feast.

The Chinese banquet menu is available Monday through Thursday in the upstairs main dining room. The menu changes frequently and portions are customized according to the size of the group, whether you're a party of two or 12.

The price does not include tax or gratuity, and the deal will run at least through the end of August.


Maddy at FRESHFARM Markets said...

Scott D is doing a demo at the Penn Quarter FRESHFARM Market next Thursday at 4pm! (shameless self promotion) -Maddy

Amanda said...

Thanks, Maddy!

That's Aug. 13, folks. Check it out.

Steve said...

Just called the Source for a reservation and checked on the price. They said there is no tasting for $45. Was this a lunch tasting?

Amanda said...

Steve - Whoever answered the phone was mistaken, and the manager would like to give you a call and set up a reservation for you if you'd like. If so, send me a number where you can be reached (metrocurean AT gmail.com).

Steve said...

Thanks Amanda. I appreciate the quick response from you and the manager. I actually received a call back from the Source (I'd started to make a reservation and had left my number) and they told me they were mistaken during my first call.
I'm really looking forward to what sounds like a great dinner. Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Hi Amanda,
we made a reservation tonight to enjoy this offer
but when we asked our waiter he said that
the $45 deal was for 3 courses and that $145
was for 9 courses. I was slightly embarrassed
because I had invited friends to go along and
enjoy this special. What's the deal with the confused wait staff? I thought I misread your blog ....

Amanda said...

Anon - Sorry to hear there was confusion. May someone from the restaurant contact you to clear things up? If so, send me a number where you can be reached (metrocurean AT gmail.com).