Five Bites On Friday

Burgers from Morton's bar bites menu.

Ronya from the blog Telling It Like It Is feeds us this Friday's bites.

1. Red velvet cake at Firefly

2. Deviled eggs at Jackson's Mighty Fine Food

3. Three prime cheeseburgers (above) from the Morton's bar menu

4. Grilled asparagus salad with crispy poached egg, herbed goat cheese dressing, frisee and citrus vinaigrette at Eventide

5. Pizza with pepperoni and goat cheese at 2 Amys

Five Bites is a place for Metrocurean readers — and DC's top chefs — to share all the delicious things they've been eating and drinking. E-mail five of your favorites and whether you'd like your name and a picture included to metrocurean AT

Stay tuned later today for Five Bites from chef Rodney Scruggs of The Occidental.