It's Been A Donut Kinda Week

Dynamo Donuts' bacon maple apple donut

I've been stuffing my face and swilling wine for the better part of the past week out in San Francisco and Napa. And though I've had my share of olives, local cheese, Cabernet Sauvignon and other expected wine country delights, I can't seem to escape the ubiquitous donut ... or doughnut (in my former profession I would've gotten to the bottom of that spelling conundrum).

I think these photos speak for themselves. Food porn at its purest. Above, from San Francisco's Mission district, is Dynamo Donuts' heralded bacon maple apple donut. And it is none of those things too much. A little salty, savory bacon kick on a rich maple glaze, just a hint of apple, and a perfectly fluffy donut.

The Boon Fly Cafe's cinnamon sugar donuts, at the Carneros Inn.

The addictive little guys above were breakfast one morning from the Boon Fly Cafe at the delightful Carneros Inn, smack dab between the towns of Napa and Sonoma.

So ... when's DC getting an indie donut shop?