Wednesday's Delicious Deal: Helix Lounge

This promo is so very appropriate, seeing as the city just got a nice soaking ... Starting Oct. 1, when it rains, Helix Lounge is pouring drink specials.

Spot some rain and you'll get special prices on Cruzan rum drinks, including $6 Dark and Stormys, $4 bottle beers and $5 house wines and champagne.

And since I doubt any of you are hoping for rain, Helix is also hosting backyard bashes on the patio every Friday night from 5 to 8 p.m. Guests will find $1 hot dogs, $2 mini-me burgers and $2 PBRs.

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Anonymous said...

According to the registration certificates, Gosling’s has a trademark registration for the mark DARK N’ STORMY for use with Gosling’s Black Seal rum and ginger ale, a pre-mixed alcoholic drink featuring rum and ginger beer, and clothing merchandise. Gosling does not have the right to prevent a bartender from making a drink featuring rum and ginger ale together, but can assert a right for that drink to not be named a DARK N’ STORMY on the menu without using Gosling’s Black Seal rum. What if a patron asks for a DARK N’ STORMY and is then served with a non-Gosling’s dark rum and ginger ale drink? The safe bet is to respond that the bar doesn’t have Gosling’s and thus can’t serve a DARK N’ STORMY, but can make a dark rum and ginger ale drink.