Metrocurean Twee-Dux

Sweetgreen is planning a new location at 15th and P Streets NW.
Photo: Sweetgreen blog

Openings, expansions and more! Here's all the juicy stuff you may have missed recently from the Twitterverse ... follow Metrocurean on Twitter here.

Sweetgreen just inked a deal for a new location @ 15th and P next to Lululemon. Early 2010 opening planned. Post workout salad for me, plz!

RT @timcarman If all goes according to plan, Palena will expand into the adjacent Magruder's. 60 more seats +. http://bit.ly/3lREPR

Scott Conant shelves DC Scarpetta ... for now. RT @goingoutgurus: NY Chef Scratches Plans to open in vacant Olive.. http://bit.ly/5GMbS

RT @bestbitesblog Georgetown Cupcake is moving to a roomier, more central Gtown location at 33/M Sts. + opening in Bethesda.

Copper Pot does fall: pumpkin pappardelle, pheasant ragu, goose confit ravioli, butternut squash & maple tortellini -> http://bit.ly/37MpAN

Historic Foggy Bottom Grocery will relaunch soon as FoBoGro thnx 2 new GW alum owners, w made-to-order sandwiches, salads, pizza, groceries.

Yannick Cam returns! RT @fotorules Cam shared info tonight with me about Bistro Provence to open in 4 weeks: http://tinyurl.com/yc6mnbl

The Hill's new pizza place looks great! RT @bestbitesblog Pics, menu, preview of SeventhHill, from Montmartre guys: http://bit.ly/2MV2K9


anonymous coward said...

Sweet Green right next to Pitango?

very smart

Amanda said...

It'll be a fro-yo-gelato showdown! No, but seriously, Sweetgreen has the whole salad operation, which distinguishes it. I happen to love both frozen yogurt and gelato, so I may work out some kind of schedule ... gelato M-W-F, yogurt T-Th-Sat. =)

In My Mind said...

That's great news about Sweetgreen! It will do so well. Love their yogurt & deconstructed guac salad.