Eating Through Chiang Mai

This Southerner made it all the way to Thailand, and the first thing I got at the market? Pork rinds.

Metrocurean has gone rogue on the holidays, fleeing the shopping madness and apparent blizzard (you guys ok, out there?) for the sticky warmth and spicy food of Southeast Asia. I've been in Chiang Mai, Thailand, since Wednesday, and the eatin's been real good.

Khao soi, a specialty of Northern Thailand, brings together a slightly spicy yellow curry coconut broth, deep fried egg noodles, rice noodles and chicken (or other meat). It's garnished with tasty pickled cabbage, red onion and lime. I've eaten it three times in as many days.

Scenes from a popular market:

Nose-to-tail eating, a way of life not a trend to tout.

Next stop: Hanoi.


nuzze1 said...


Fellow Kao Soy lover here. Very tough to find in DC. Most Thai restaurants won't make it. No reason ever given. In DC, it can be found at Thai Chili in Gallery place or Bua on 17th and P.

Anonymous said...

Even in Thailand, good Khao Soy is tough to find outside of the north. I lived in CM for two years and have been trying to find a suitable bowl of khao soy in DC ever since -- not much luck. Most Thai restaurant owners around here are from Bangkok, the northeast or the south, not Chiang Mai. If you're still in CM, Khao Soi Samoer Jai (on the east side of the river, north of the US Consulate) has the best khao soy in the city.

Amanda said...

Thanks fellow khao soi lovers!