Shhh: Hush Indian Supper Club Launches

A new underground supper club has hit the scene, promising intimate evenings filled with vegetarian Indian cooking.

Hosted in a home a few blocks from U Street, Hush is the latest addition to a secretive class of unofficial eating establishments. These guerrilla restaurants, as some call them (makes them sound deliciously edgy, doesn't it?), have been popping up around the globe for several years now. Two years ago, a club of the same name was operating in DC (still out there?).

The new Hush hopes to add a little spice to your DC dining experience with organic, vegetarian Indian cooking from the state of Gujarat. "During the meal, we tell stories about the spices, origins/history of the food, and maybe even a song or two," writes Geeta, the cook, author and raconteur of Hush.

The club is taking reservations for Saturday, Feb. 6 and for two special "Single Hearts" dinners (that's for singles only!) over Valentine's Day weekend, Feb. 13 and 14.

Read about how it works (ie. you can elect to sit with strangers or not) or follow Hush on Twitter for more.

I'd love to see more pop-up restaurants and secret supper clubs in town. What about you?