Ramps: They're Baaack!

Spring ramps from the Dupont Circle FreshFarm Market.
metrocurean photo

For locavores in our area, there are a few fleeting foods that herald the arrival of early spring: morels and ramps.

So what is a ramp, anyway? It's a pungent and petite member of the onion family that grows wild in the eastern part of the country. Their short season and urban scarcity make the stinky little guys a covetable item. Any given Sunday at the Dupont FreshFarm Market this time of year, word spreads on who's got the goods, and the early birds typically snap up the supply.

Early bird I am not, but I managed to score a bunch this weekend and mixed up a batch of these buttermilk ramp biscuits from Bon Appétit. They fell a little flat (do I have a black biscuit thumb??) but the earthy, assertive onion added amazing flavor. I've also sauteed ramps and served them with pasta.

So, Metrocurean braintrust, tell us what you do with ramps? What's the best way to showcase their unique flavor?