Columbia Room Launches Chef Series

Derek Brown wants to prove that cocktails can hold their own in the culinary world. To do that, he's invited some of the city's top chefs to cook at his serene omakase-style cocktail den, the Columbia Room, for a series of cocktail-food pairing evenings.

Guest chefs Nicholas Stefanelli of Bibiana, Brendan Cox of DC Coast, Joe Palma of Westend Bistro, RJ Cooper (formerly of Vidalia), and Columbia Room's Javier Duran will each take a turn on different Thursday nights. The chefs will create two dishes that Brown will pair with cocktails. Then chefs become bartenders to craft a cocktail to pair with a dish Brown will create.

The cost is $74 per person, including tax and gratuity. For the chef schedule and reservations, visit Columbia Room's site.


Anonymous said...

do you know if this is going to be a full dinner? Or will it be like the usual prix fixe option in the columbia room with a small plate or two? Who is going to be the most sought after chef/pairing team in the series?

Sara said...

which chef do you recommend if i am going to choose one? sounds like an interesting experience.

Amanda said...

You get three dishes, probably small but maybe a little more than the regular Columbia Room plates? I'll check with Derek.

I'm guessing Nick (coming off a Rammy award for Rising Star) and RJ (just leaving Vidalia) will go fast, but I also love Brendan Cox and Joe Palma's cooking. And each chef will probably approach the challenge differently. I think it's a really fun idea.

Anonymous said...

The Columbia Room has a badass logo!