Cool Stuff: Reusable Produce Bags

ChicoBag's Produce Stand Collection of reusable produce bags.

In my efforts to be an overachieving ecofriendly citizen, there was one scenario that was regularly cramping my striving-for-sustainable style.

I'm in the checkout line at the grocery store, reusable grocery bags clutched dutifully in my hands. It seems counterproductive to put plastic produce bags into my reusable bag, so I go bagless and pile all my loose, wobbling, rolling fruits and veggies on the grocery belt. Then comes the stink-eye from the checkout person and apologies from me as I try to corral my wayward produce.

So when a free sample of ChicoBag's Produce Stand Collection arrived in the mail, I was eager to test drive them.

The cute little tomato pouch holds three reusable bags, each with a specialty. The hemp-cotton bag absorbs moisture making it good for leafy greens, the mesh rePETe (made from recycled plastic bottles) allows ethylene gas to escape so pair it with apples, oranges and potatoes, and the rePETe restricts airflow to keep produce like squash, broccoli and carrots fresh.

The mesh bags are my favorite (they're the most compact), and I just ordered another set. I toss the tomato pouch into my purse or shopping bags whenever I head to the farmers market or grocery store these days.

And I get no more checkout line stink-eye.

You can find them locally at Yes Organic Market and at chicobag.com.


Josh said...

I haven't used the plastic produce bags in years unless it's for small veg (beans, okra, etc.) Rarely have I been forced to endure the stink-eye...even before the days of the bag tax. If a little attitude from a store clerk rattles you that much, there's little hope for reducing waste in general! (Note: if you see this happen to someone your waiting behind, give them a nice wink: an apotropaic of solidarity and maybe some flirting to boot)

Amanda said...

Do you plop your stuff straight on the belt or bring small bags? Agreed that little humor/winking never hurts. ; )

Dorothy said...

Cheaper: pick up mesh bags at the dollar store.

Josh said...

I just plop it down. Except for beans and stuff...and then I feel bad.

Anonymous said...

Bagless - bad idea! Checkout belts have blood from leaky meat packages. If the grocery order in front of you leaks small, unnoticed amounts of blood, will the mesh bags keep you safe from salmonella, e-coli?