A Movement To Save A Community Garden

Save Virginia Avenue Park from Roadside Organics on Vimeo

The story behind the Virginia Avenue Park in Southeast DC is one of those urban success stories that makes green-space loving foodies like myself feel all warm and fuzzy. From a dilapidated plot of land frequented by drug dealers springs a thriving organic garden tended by some 60 families.

But the Marines are considering the four-acre garden as a possible site for new barracks, and the gardeners are trying to make sure that doesn't happen. They've started a petition and released the above video, produced by Roadside Organics, to drum up support.

Local food writer Sam Fromartz and chef Brendan Cox of DC Coast both appear in the piece, voicing their support.

The efforts to save the garden have been covered in The Washington Post, and debate has followed on the City Paper's site and elsewhere as to whether urban space should be kept urban. I'm all for ensuring that a flourishing garden like Virginia Avenue Park be kept in tact.

To support the gardeners, you can sign the petition.