Pleasant Pops Debuts This Weekend

Just in time for summer's full swing, Pleasant Pops will start selling all natural frozen ice pops from a bike cart this Saturday at the Mount Pleasant Farmers Market.

Started by two Columbia Heights residents who were inspired by Mexican-style paletas, Pleasant Pops is creating its frozen treats from locally sourced fruits, vegetables, herbs and dairy.

Following the lead of gourmet pop shops like Durham's Locopops and Nashville's Las Paletas, Pleasant Pops is creating an inventive mix of popsicle flavors. Cucumber chile, strawberry rhubarb, avocado cream, and blackberries and cream are just a few of the combos listed on the site.

Having downed my fair share of Locopops, I can tell you the odder combinations are often way better than they sound. Which makes me want to try Pleasant Pops guac flavor. Oh, and the Carolina sweet tea, of course.

Check them out on Twitter @pleasantpops.