Eat This: Root Beer Marshmallows At Buzz

WHAT: Fluffy root beer marshmallows made from scratch.

WHERE: Alexandria's Buzz Bakery. A package of 12 is $1.95.

WHY EAT THIS: If you love root beer (like me), these whimsical treats pack in surprising sassafras flavor. Pastry chef Josh Short adds root beer extract to his vanilla marshmallows to create them. And if they don't disappear straight outta the bag, drop the marshmallows in a root beer float, or pick up some of Short's homemade graham crackers for a twist on the summer s'more. Or how about a sweet garnish for a Root liqueur cocktail?


dating diva said...

These look amazing!


Anonymous said...

Not an RR fan but these make me want to say yum-o! Oh, can't believe I just said that.

Krups beertender accessories said...

Oh I would like to try that rootbeer mallows! Looks like its good with some chips and sodas :)

dining table said...

This is something that I would love to try. I love root beer a lot!